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We help small to mid-size businesses navigate complex personnel challenges so they can get back to focusing on what they do best.

Our HR services are designed to meet your business needs by offering tailored options, no matter your size or industry.

Hannah brings a fresh and energetic perspective, with over 10 years in human resources across a variety of industries.

We have helped dozens of local and national companies improve their policies and personnel management.


She is a 10 year 4-H alumnus.

"I grew up as one of the clothing champions of Madison County, Indiana and I love to sew and still do to this day. In my spare time, I work on pattern testing for my mother, who is a professional quilter and pattern editor.  I even went to college for fashion and in my path, I luckily fell into HR through an incredible internship with Target Corporation."

"A business is simply an idea to make other people's lives better."


-Richard Branson

Hi I'm Hannah,

I got into Human Resources over 10 years ago and once I was in, I was hooked.

After a career that spanned a Fortune 100 retailer, State government, a hyper-growth shared services healthcare company, and an international manufacturer, I developed a passion for helping small businesses and a desire to do more than I was doing in my corporate role.

I started NorthupHR to help small to mid-size businesses with their HR needs. Whether you don't have anyone in an HR role, your HR team is at capacity and you have a list of projects you need completed, or if you just want to know if you're on the right path, NorthupHR will help you through.

Let's get to know one another.

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