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"I left the corporate world so that I could help multiple businesses with Human Resources needs.  I didn't want to focus solely on one agenda when I knew that I could make a bigger impact for those that needed help.  I truly believe that I can get you and your business in a space where you are not only confident about your sales and services but you are just as proud of the people and the culture you have worked so hard on and you gain a profitability partner along the way."
Hannah Northup, President
About me - Hello I'm -

Hey there, I'm Hannah!

My friends describe me as a self-driven, multi-tasking ball of energy.  I am passionate about everything that I do and every client I work with... I genuinely enjoy helping others succeed quicker and higher than they thought they could.

I am a wife to an incredible husband and mom to two gorgeous (yes, I'm biased) children who keep our lives very busy.  I am currently playing the role of chauffeur to chess club, soccer, swim lessons, gymnastics, and cub scouts, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

In my spare time, I love to travel - most often to our family's Northern Michigan cabin on the lake - and I also love to cook, sew, work on the family genealogy, and watch old Hollywood movies and musicals.

Starting this business allowed me to focus on the people I love and the things I love to do.  I have a lot of experience in HR, and I love drawing on that experience to help my clients feel the same way: help is here, and you can finally breathe.

Let NorthupHR help you!

You will never get a sales call from us..

After a decade in this field we can tell you that it is not an easy business.  HR is generally seen as a barrier and our job usually slows you down... all leaders hate that, especially in small, nimble businesses. Resentment is common in this field and it can be exhausting on all sides.  That's part of why the industry is moving toward outsourcing.  NorthupHR focuses on what we do really well - tailored, on-call HR services that are designed to meet your business needs.

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