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Coaching and Mentoring for the HR Professional


HR is always coaching and developing those around them but who is helping to develop the HR professional?  Whether you are looking to get into an HR role, you are a new leader in HR or a seasoned professional, coaching and mentoring are vital to your success.

"Little choices every day which lead to the final results that we are striving for."


--Unknown quote about Commitment

Are you committed to greatness?

How often have you stopped and asked yourself this question? How often do you not have answer? What is stopping you from focusing on yourself for a thirty minute's each day?

During the Covid19 pandemic many HR professionals found themselves working harder than ever to keep their teams engaged, trained, and developed into their roles while also trying to keep compliance and payroll going without a hiccup. But who was helping to coach and develop them?

It's time to start investing in yourself again (or for the first time). Take time to work on your goals and commitments while also grooming yourself for your next promotion or move.



Coaching Programs For You.


Three, Six, or Twelve month coaching programs are available and include:

  • A goals and development assessment
  • One-on-one monthly calls or in-person meetings
  • Monthly follow up calls on action items
  • Templates to use for yourself and your teams
  • Annual performance review guidance
  • 360 degree peer review program
  • Next level career guidance

Let me help you get to your best self!


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